11 Feb

Valentine’s Day in bed—Yes, please!

February 14… a holiday mysteriously dreamed up by some store that sells cinnamon hearts to celebrate love. But this year, what if we set aside our preconceived notions about Valentine’s Day—about how it’s “gotten too commercial” or how it’s pointless “because we celebrate love every day.”

What if we even embraced it? No matter what your relationship status, this Valentine’s Day is all about being in bed. So for all you lovebirds out there…

For single people

Being single on Valentine’s Day is no reason not to shower a little love on the person who matters most in your life: you! To celebrate your way, treat yourself to some of the things you love the most—in bed: some reading, a manicure, online shopping, a Netflix marathon. And speaking of Netflix, have you seen Making a Murderer? Not exactly romantic fare, but oh-so addictive!

Family movie day

There are so many things you can do on a Fleep—aside from sleeping, we mean! For Valentine’s Day, which falls on a Sunday this year, treat yourself to a lazy morning of movies and cuddles with the family. Let the kids pick the movie while you choose the coziest pillows and comforters. Then, lay back and enjoy all that family love—and a mattress that’s just the right amount of soft or firm—until the final credits roll.

In bed with your best friend

Chips, chocolate, nachos, wine, ginger ale… real friends don’t judge. They’ve got your back in every situation! This Valentine’s Day, host a “bed and board games” day. Break out the playing cards, lose the cellphones, and disconnect for an entire day! Do what besties do best: eat, laugh, drink, play, and laugh some more. And if you spill a little food in a fit of laughter, no worries. The Fleep mattress cover is washable and comes off in a flash. Like magic!

Couple comfort

Many say that love is perhaps the only thing whose value is not counted in dollar signs, but in moments. For Valentine’s Day, you want those precious moments you spend with your soul mate to be in total comfort! So why not surprise him or her with a new mattress? It’s another great way to celebrate the strength of your love. “Surprise honey, our nights are about to get a whole lot better!”

And if it just so happens that your bed is the bane of your existence right about now, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bring back the love. Until February 17, Fleep is taking $69 off (we’re so naughty!) all mattress models.