24 Apr

TV Series: Top 25 to keep you awake!

Rain, snow, heartbreak, stress? Any reason is good for a TV series marathon. Need a guide? Lay back comfortably in your bed (by the way, do you have a good mattress?) and get ready for some dark circles over the next few days (weeks!). Discover our top 25 best TV series of all times.


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If you’re having trouble sleeping, might as well watch series where ghosts and zombies coexist. You will not be disappointed! You’ll be surrounded by the undead in the first two, and then you’ll be served with monsters, ghosts, and demons in Supernatural.

  1. Walking dead
  2. Six feet under
  3. Supernatural


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Intrigued by parallel universes? The mysteries and diversified plot twists of Sci-Fi series are for you! Let yourself be carried along the unusual adventures of the characters.

  1. Lost
  2. Stargate
  3. The X-files
  4. Game of thrones
  5. Flash


Drama / Suspense

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Beware, the series in this category can create a serious addiction that can go on for MANY weeks! As a matter of fact, suspense and drama series seem to be the most popular binged-watched series, and there is something for every taste! Crime TV series such as Homeland and Dexter, gangster series such as The Sopranos, Prison Break or Breaking Bad, and others in which secrets lead the story like in Suits and Mad Men.

  1. Prison break
  2. Homeland
  3. Dexter
  4. The Sopranos
  5. Breaking bad
  6. House of card
  7. Mad men
  8. Suits


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A touch of humour? Series in this category are no-brainers. Even if the themes are lighter, follow the personal (and often very funny) lives of the characters of The Office. Meet the endearing families of Modern Family or the geeks of Big Bang Theory. You’ll definitely be infatuated with the characters of That 70’s Show or How I Met Your Mother!


  1. The Office
  2. Big bang theory
  3. Modern family
  4. That 70’s show
  5. How I met your mother


Classics of all categories

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Classics, finally!  Those we watch over and over. The TV series everyone knows by heart and have many famous quotes! We know you sometimes miss those characters! Hang out with your best friends Monica, Jack, Captain Kirk, and Carrie, who can be found in our best Classic TV series countdown.


  1. 24 (Twenty-Four)
  2. Sex and the City
  3. Friends
  4. Star trek


Beware, if you start a new TV series, you should know that your social life will take a hit. Good luck getting through the upcoming days. All you’ll want to do is get home ASAP to watch one more episode! Good viewing!