11 Jul

The Ultimate Battle: Buying a mattress Online vs in store

Today, FLEEP presents Alex, a former customer service worker, who recently discovered online shopping. He is a diligent gamer who lives in a beautiful 1 bedroom apartment newly furnished with a FLEEP mattress. Here is his detailed analysis of the two purchase methods!

1.Customer service? If you want something done right, do it yourself!

In store:

We’ve all been in this situation. The feeling of being a lamb amongst wolves. This happens often in big box stores, where salesmen daydream thinking about their enticing commission.  To them, the most expensive item in the store is the one you absolutely need and they try to cross-sell it with unnecessary warranties and related products. The wolves will leave you with a tasteful mix of headache and uncertainty!

On se sauve des requins !


Ease and peace of mind… get advice or help only when you want it! No questions after reading the product spec sheet? Perfect, checkout time! You have a question? Use online chat, Facebook messaging, e-mail or the phone, and it’s in the bag!

2.Money cannot buy happiness, but…

In store:

It is a well-known fact that when you buy a product in a store, you pay for many unnecessary things. Part of our money goes to the manufacturer, but another amount is used to pay for the store and other services.

Acheter un matelas en ligne vous fait économiser de l'argent.


You like to save money on your purchases and get the same quality? Welcome to the club! You can easily save up to 60% by cutting off unnecessary middlemen from the purchasing process. Isn’t it magic?

Bonus: Many online stores offer promo codes and interesting discounts on top of their lower prices! Just a click or an e-mail address and it’s in the bag in under 3 seconds!

3.”I don’t trust this online shopping thing” – but why?

In store:

I will give some credit to the shops here! Indeed, when you shop in a store, you get to try all of the mattresses. It’s easy and can be funny (kids love that). However, you must sleep on a mattress for at least 2-3 weeks to find out if you really like it or not… oops! If you find out, after two weeks, that it just doesn’t work for you, what do you do? Find a pick-up truck, return the mattress yourself to the store, and be ready to receive a refund in store credit for furniture that you don’t really want!

On ne veut jamais quitter un lit confortable.


The only way to “try” a mattress online is to rely on the honest critics of buyers. Now, the interesting part: you have a 111-night trial period to know if the mattress is a good fit for you! If you are not 100% satisfied, call the company and they will pick it up directly at your place at no cost, and will give you a full refund (in real cash!)

Bonus: Now, imagine if a mattress was reversible and thus doubled your chances of finding the comfort that suits you perfectly… that’s what we call safe shopping!

4.”Shipping will be expensive”: myth or reality?

In store:

If you survived the pack of wolves, dared to buy a product up to 60% more expensive and decided that you were satisfied after a 5-minute trial period, you are now ready to get the mattress of your dreams delivered at your door! However, it might take just a little over one week to receive it, and it is a safe bet that you will have to pay extra, on top of labour.

Un chat livré dans une boîte !


As soon as your order is approved, your mattress is on its way and will be delivered at your door 3 to 4 days later… for free! You live on the 4th floor of an apartment building? Even better, your mattress will be delivered in a small box, easy to carry! A dream come true for those who don’t particularly appreciate having to take down their doors to welcome a new piece of furniture.

5.Leaving the house to shop? That’s so 2016!

In store:

If you’re lucky enough to have a big box store who sells mattresses near you, it’s not that bad! Except if there’s a snowstorm, or if it’s raining, or if you don’t want to leave your house because you’re too comfortable in your pajamas. So, if you don’t mind being stuck in traffic, or force your kid to go shopping with you, going to a store is perfect for you!

Écouter Netflix bien paisiblement.


You can purchase your mattress between two episodes of your favorite show on Netflix. Need I say more?



I’m Alex, and I bought a FLEEP mattress online. Whether it be for the customer service, price, return policy or delivery, or for the comfort of my travel-free purchase, every aspect suits me best!

Of course, online shopping isn’t for everyone. I don’t personally like buying clothes online, but many people do! However, I have tried it – so I dare you to try buying a mattress online. Don’t forget the 3-month trial period, the 10-year warranty, the two types of comfort, the fast and free shipping… All in the comfort of your home! What are you waiting for?