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  • How much weight can my Fleep take?

    Fleep is no lightweight. It can take a combined weight of 450 pounds or individual weights of up to 250 pounds.

  • Can I put my FLEEP on a bed base?

    Yes. For greater comfort, use a bed base with a flat, stable surface and a central support, as found in most modern bed bases. The use of a box spring is not recommended.

  • Can I put my mattress on a platform bed or slatted bed base?

    Yes. Platform beds are usually stable and flat enough. Fleep recommends that slatted bed bases have a central support and flat, solid (not fabric) slats set no more than 6 inches apart. Be careful, because some European-style beds don’t meet these criteria. Curved or flexible slats do not permit the optimal comfort and benefits your Fleep normally provides and your foam mattress may sag.

  • Can I use a Fleep on a sofa bed or futon base?

    We don’t recommend using a Fleep on a sofa bed or futon base. A futon base is not designed to support such a heavy foam mattress, and your Fleep will be difficult to bend after it is removed from its packaging.

  • Can I use my Fleep on an adjustable electric bed?

    Yes. An adjustable bed is designed to work properly with a foam mattress like the Fleep. It moves quite gently and doesn’t affect the solidity of the mattress, and the foam adjusts perfectly to the shape of the bed, regardless of its position.

  • Can I use my Fleep in an RV?

    Sure! Lots of Fleep owners recommend it in an RV. Not only is Fleep super comfortable, its low price makes it a great choice for a second bed. (Just be careful about humidity, which can cause condensation under and around your foam mattress.) With Fleep, camping will never be the same again!

  • Can I use my Fleep on a fold-away bed?

    Yes! Many people do! But Fleep recommends using a fold-away bed with a flat, stable surface and a central support. It’s best to use a Fleep mattress on a bed that’s used frequently. The foam mattress should also be firmly attached to make sure it doesn’t deteriorate or sag in the upright position.

  • Can I put my Fleep directly on the floor?

    Of course! However, we do recommend that you take a few precautions to prevent humidity and condensation from building up under the mattress. The room shouldn’t be humid, and the floor temperature shouldn’t vary significantly with the changing seasons.

  • Can I use an electric blanket or cushion?

    We don’t recommend using an electric blanket or cushion with Fleep. Too much heat could prevent it from adjusting properly to your body temperature and may affect its performance. It could also damage your foam mattress.

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