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Mattress Protector

  • What type of warranty does my mattress protector have?

    Your FLEEP mattress protector comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Read the warranty.

  • What materials are my mattress protector made of?

    The FLEEP mattress protector has been tested and designed to perfectly protect your mattress.

    The sleeping surface is made of 100% polyester and the inner protection membrane is made of 100% polyurethane laminated with another layer of polyester.

    Machine wash and tumble dry, it will provide the ultimate comfort day after day.

  • Why should I buy a mattress protector with my mattress?

    Because it ensures that your FLEEP mattress will remain clean and hygienic, remember, it is also important to have a well protected mattress for a good night’s sleep in the long term. The FLEEP mattress protector comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the mattress that ensures a new mattress value, if purchased at the same time as the mattress, against accidental stains caused by food, beverages, medicines and body fluids, of human or animal origin.. In addition, we certify that its manufacture or materials will not contain defects.

    No other mattress protector will offer you such protection, guarantee that the comfort will remain the same and provide circulation to keep you cool.

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