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Materials and manufacturing

  • What is Fleep made of?

    It took twice the research to find the right materials to create the perfect dual-sided mattress. Here’s what our two comfort levels are made of:

    • Cool gel infused memory foam fitted with firm comfort (2.0 lb/ft3 density), CertiPUR-US certified
    • Dense therapeutic foam fitted with firm comfort (50 IDL), CertiPUR-US certified
    • Dense therapeutic foam adjusted to soft comfort (20 IDL), CertiPUR-US certified
    • Cool gel infused memory foam fitted with firm comfort (2.5 lb/ft3 density), CertiPUR-US certified

    Each mattress is covered with a comfortable, washable polyester and spandex cover featuring Thermocool® fiber to help keep you cooler on hot nights.

  • I’m allergic to latex. Is Fleep right for me?

    Studies show that latex allergies are mainly caused by the latex protein. Fleep is made of latex-free foams, all CertiPUR-US certified.

  • Does the mattress have an odor?

    You may smell a slight odor when you unpack your foam mattress, but don’t worry,—it’s just that “new” smell! Most people don’t even notice it, and it’s normal and harmless. If you need to, air the mattress for a few days with the sheets off during the day and the mild odor should quickly disappear.

  • My partner tosses and turns a lot at night. Will Fleep absorb their movements?

    Your partner may toss and turn, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Unlike innerspring mattresses, which transfer movements from one side of the mattress to the other, Fleep’s millions of cells absorb movements to help keep sleeping partners on good terms!

  • Does memory foam retain heat?

    Each side of your Fleep memory foam mattress breathes just like your body does. The foam on each side is infused with a gel that evacuates heat. What’s more, the cover on each side of the mattress features Thermocool® fiber. So your nights are neither too hot nor too cold—they’re just right.

  • Is my mattress likely to change shape over time?

    Not at all. Your foam mattress will spring back to its original shape, night after night. Fleep is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 10 years!

  • I suffer from back pain. Is Fleep right for me?

    Many people with back pain prefer Fleep’s firm ‘n perfect side. It provides the spine with the support it needs and allows the muscles to relax. However, there are many kinds of back pain, each requiring its own solution.

  • Does the mattress contain chemical flame retardants?

    For environmental and safety reasons, Fleep uses no chemical flame retardants. This makes the mattress’s materials healthier for you and your family.

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