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SupportDimensions and weight

Dimensions and weight

  • What are the dimensions of Fleep mattresses?


    Simple75” x 39” x 9”50 lb
    Simple XL80” x 39” x 9”53 lb
    Double/Full75” x 54” x 9”69 lb
    Queen80” x 60”x 9”82 lb
    King80” x 76” x 9”105 lb


    Single/Twin46” x 15½” x 15½”54 lb.
    XL single/Twin46” x 15½” x 15½”57 lb.
    Double/Full46” x 15½” x 15½”73 lb.
    Queen46” x 15½” x 15½”86 lb.
    King46” x 15½” x 15½”109 lb.

    The height and length of the Fleep are within ½ inch of standard dimensions.

  • What size should I buy?


    This is the perfect size for an average size adult or child.

    Twin XL

    This is the perfect size for larger adults or teens. It’s a popular choice for people who want to make a very big bed with two independent mattresses.

    Double / Full

    This size is appropriate for a single adult who wants more space or two adults with a small bedroom. Take note: this size can be too small for two adults.


    This is the most popular size in Canada and the United States.


    This is the biggest size available and suits two adults who like having more space.

  • How big is the shipping box?

    All Fleep mattresses are shipped in the same size box: 15 ½ in. x 15 ½ in. x 46 in.

  • Is it normal that my Fleep is slightly smaller than my bed base?

    No worries! It’s normal for your bed base to be slightly bigger than your foam mattress. It was designed to take all types of mattresses.

  • How thick are Fleep mattresses?

    All Fleep mattresses are 9 inches thick, so most sheets will fit them perfectly. The height and length of the Fleep are within ½ inch of standard dimensions.

  • Is my Fleep very heavy?

    The fact that we deliver your Fleep in a box within just 3 to 5 days is proof that it’s easy to move. Box weight varies according to the size of the foam mattress, but you can expect to receive a package weighing between 54 lb. (single) and 109 lb. (king).

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