19 Mar

Sleep, glorious sleep!

Snooze, take a catnap, catch a few winks, sleep like a baby—there are so many ways to talk about sleep. Probably because it inspires us and makes us happy! On March 18 the international community is going “under covers” to celebrate the world’s most blissful state with World Sleep Day. Another great opportunity to talk about our favourite subject! 😉

To understand how valuable sleep is, try losing it.

Too much sleep makes you tired (we’ve all woken up out of sorts after napping too long), but too little can be harmful to your health. Insomnia can make your heart flutter, your body tremble, your eyes grow heavy, and your head get fuzzy—as if your brain had punched out and headed off to the Land of Nod. The quality of our nights has a direct impact on our days. WeWe don’t always realize it, but sleep is our best friend.

Sleep—the ultimate refuge

By age 75 you’ll have slept the equivalent of 25 years—about a third of your life! As people get less and less sleep worldwide (blame it on excessive stress and our overstimulated lifestyle), it’s easy to forget that sleep is our last peaceful haven. When you sleep, you’re free from it all: no computer or TV screens, no tablets, no meetings, no bills to pay. FREEDOM! Sleeping is how we unplug and recharge; it’s a small luxury that costs nothing and should be treasured.

We strive to help you sleep better

At Fleep we’re not afraid to admit that sleeping is our vice. We can’t help it. It’s like we were born to sleep and help you sleep! Our offices are scattered with pillows and mattresses—it’s like a dream come true! But we don’t all agree on the perfect side: #teamfirm or #teamsoft, that’s our ongoing debate. We’re thinking of having a big pillow fight to help us decide. We’ll keep you posted…