Mattress Cover Protection Plan


Mattress Cover Protection Plan

Terms and Conditions

This document and your invoice form the protection plan that binds the parties.
Your original invoice and a copy of this warranty document must be provided in order to obtain the required service under this protection plan.

Protection Plan

This document sets out all provisions of the Protection Plan (the “Plan”) between the parties and these provisions will not be affected by any representation, promise or condition external to these terms. The partner of Matelas FLEEP Inc., Comerco Services Inc. (CSI) CSI agrees, at its discretion and in consideration of the costs associated with this Plan, to guarantee this bedding protection product (mattress cover) to the “original purchaser,” as specified in this warranty. Some restrictions apply. We invite you to read the full description of the warranty listed below [].

What does the warranty cover?

CSI guarantees, according to this protection plan:

For the mattress cover:

A) That it will withstand accidental stains caused by food, beverages, medicines and body fluids of human or animal origin;

B) that its manufacture or materials will not contain defects.

For the mattress:

When the mattress cover is purchased at the same time as a new mattress and installed on it, this Plan offers a warranty against accidental stains on this new mattresses caused by food, beverages, medicines and body fluids of human or animal origin.

What does the warranty not cover?

  1. Any damages other than those caused by food, beverages, medicines and body fluids of human or animal origin.
  2. Any substance that destroys or alters the colour of the mattress cover or mattress, such as dyes, colours caused by colours that bleed, ink, corrosives, bleaches, nail polish, nail polish remover , cosmetics, felt pens, suntan lotion, cigarette burns, fats from non-edible sources and unknown stains.
  3. Natural soiling caused by everyday use, including the accumulation of sweat. No fabric protector can prevent normal soiling and fabric protectors do not eliminate the need to regularly maintain and wash mattress cover. The mattress covers have been designed and developed to withstand stains and dry stains; this plan only covers stain resistance and not soiling. Soiling is defined as an accumulation of dirt, dust, body oils, and sweat that can not be attributed to a single incident.
  4. Damage caused by animals other than stains of an organic nature.
  5. Related damage, loss of use or delays resulting from the breaking of the mattress cover or difficulties that CSI may encounter in making the necessary repairs.
  6. Damage caused by improper washing or use of unsuitable cleaning agents.
  7. Damage caused by misuse or abuse.
  8. Any damage to a box spring or bed frame.
  9. Odours.
  10. Products used for commercial or rental purposes.
  11. Mattresses that have not been protected at all times by a CSI mattress cover and that were purchased together with a CSI mattress cover.

Duration of warranty:

  1. When the mattress cover is purchased at the same time as a new mattress and installed on it, the duration of the guarantee is the same as the mattress warranty on the new mattress. In addition, if the mattress guarantee is prorated, this guarantee is applicable according to the same proportion. For a mattress with a 10 year warranty, this warranty is valid for 10 years; if the mattress is guaranteed 25 years, this warranty will have a duration of 25 years..
  2. If this mattress cover was not purchased at the same time as the mattress, this warranty applies only to the mattress cover and is for a maximum period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

If a stain occurs on the mattress cover:

  1. Wash and dry the mattress cover as soon as possible, according to the washing instructions.
  2. If the stain persists, contact CSI Customer Service at 1 866-503-3358 to receive professional advice. I their recommendations are not enough to eliminate the stain, one of their customer service representatives will assign you a return authorization number and you will have to return the damaged product to FLEEP or your retailer to receive an equivalent new mattress cover at no cost.
  3. You must have your return authorization number at the time of the request to exchange the mattress cover at FLEEP or at your retailer. The label attached to the product must not have been removed for identification purposes.

If your new mattress is damaged by an incident covered by the Plan, due to a failure of the mattress cover:

  1. Contact CSI Customer Service at 1 866-503-3358.
  2. If it is determined that the incident is covered by the Plan, CSI will have your mattress cleaned by an authorized technician.
  3. If the technician fails to clean the mattress, CSI will replace the mattress or refund the mattress value according to its obligations.

Your responsibility:

You must provide the original invoice and a copy of this document to benefit from the warranty. You must notify CSI within fourteen (14) days of the incident. Failing to provide proof of purchase or contacting CSI within fourteen (14) days, this Plan will become null and void.

CSI’s responsibility:

CSI’s obligation under this Plan is to eliminate the stain, repair, replace or reimburse the damaged mattress cover or mattress. If the mattress cover must be replaced, it will be replaced by a quality mattress cover equivalent to the original product. If the mattress must be replaced, it will be replaced by a mattress cover of equivalent quality to the original product. If replacement can not be made at the original retailer, CSI’s liability is limited to a prorated period of ten (10) years from the original purchase price.

The maximum value of this Plan (combined value of all repairs, credits, replacement costs and delivery) shall not exceed the cost of purchase of the original mattress. Once the mattress has been replaced or a pro rata value of the mattress has been paid, CSI will have fulfilled all its obligations under this Plan and it will become null and void.

General conditions for the return of the mattress cover

All transport costs related to the return of the mattress cover will be the responsibility of FLEEP.

FLEEP will return a replacement mattress cover of equivalent or superior quality within 30 days of receiving the defective mattress cover at the factory. The purchaser is responsible for shipping costs for the replacement mattress cover.

However, in no case shall the transport costs exceed FLEEP’s standard transport costs. In the case of a replacement mattress cover, the warranty begins on the original purchase date of the replaced product. No new warranty will be issued with a replacement product.

Please submit any claims within fourteen (14) days of the incident.

Customer Service: 1-866-503-3358