30 Aug

Let’s relax! Top 5 Spas in Quebec

Increasingly popular, spas in Quebec are multiplying and are literally part of the favorite destinations when it is time to relax and take a moment for yourself.

Whether for the services offered, their location or the courtesy of their staff, several spas from different regions stand out and make us want to adopt a Zen lifestyle. Which? FLEEP has taken the time to ponder this question and offers you 5 addresses unavoidable!

Siberia Station Spa, Québec  

Les + : La forêt tout autour, le café, les 3 aires de repos uniques, en particulier le Lodge!


Scandinave Spa, Mont-Tremblant

The +: The enchanting decor, the proximity of the tourist site


Balnea Spa, Bromont

The +: The private lake, the Cinema, the possibility of walking in the trails


Spa Bota Bota, Montréal

The +: The location (Old Port of Montreal, directly on the water!), The originality of the decor


KiNipi Spa & bains nordiques, Trois-Rivières

The +: The possibility to escape to the city, the restaurant (a perfect suite to relax!)


Will our + be yours? After a good night’s sleep on your FLEEP, why not go looking for your favorite oasis? Good relaxation!