Fleep Pillow – Limited 1-Year Warranty


Your new FLEEP pillow is covered by a limited 1-year, full replacement warranty. We will replace or repair your new FLEEP pillow if in the 12-month period following its purchase date, it proves defective due to a defect in manufacturing or in the materials covered under this warranty.

This Warranty applies to all components of the pillow and involves no deductible on your part.

FLEEP undertakes to return a replacement pillow of the same model and dimensions no later than 30 days after receiving the defective pillow at its plant.

Shipping costs for the replacement pillow will be charged to the purchaser. However, shipping costs will under no circumstances exceed FLEEP’s standard shipping costs.

What does the warranty cover and who can apply it?

Matelas FLEEP Inc. (“FLEEP”) warrants that it will replace or repair, at its sole discretion, the purchaser’s FLEEP pillow sold in North America by Matelas FLEEP Inc. or by an authorized FLEEP retailer if the product is defective due to a defect in manufacturing or in the materials, subject to the restrictions described in this Limited Warranty.

This Limited Warranty is valid only for original purchases of a new FLEEP pillow made directly on fleepbed.com or from an authorized retailer.

A new Warranty will not be issued with the replacement product. In the case of a replacement product, the Warranty period will start from the initial purchase date of the replaced product. An “original purchaser,” for the purposes of this Limited Warranty, is the person who buys the pillow directly on fleepbed.com or from an authorized FLEEP retailer.

A copy of the invoice or other proof of purchase will be required to prove that the purchaser is the original purchaser, that the product was bought on fleepbed.com or from an authorized retailer, as the case may be, and that the purchaser is entitled to make a valid claim under this Limited Warranty.

The Warranty applies to defects in the pillow’s materials that cause the materials to break under normal use and correct handling. This FLEEP Warranty covers, for the first year, replacement or repair of your FLEEP pillow if it is subsequently deemed defective due to a manufacturing defect or structural anomaly, subject to the limitations expressly indicated below.

What the Limited Warranty does not cover

The Limited Warranty covers neither the normal increase in the pillow’s softness nor the decease in its ability to slowly return to its original shape, which are aspects that in no way affect the pillow’s ability to relieve pressure.

The Warranty does not apply if the pillow is used without a waterproof pillow protector or if it is damaged, burnt, cut, ripped, or abnormally soiled or stained.


Please keep this document and your invoice as they are required for the application of this Warranty.

To help maintain your FLEEP pillow, use of a pillow protector with a waterproof membrane may be beneficial.

Warranty issued by:

Matelas Fleep Inc.
1535 boul. Hamelin
Trois-Rivières, Quebec G8Y 3G7 CANADA
Toll free: 1-844-806-6530