Fleep Mattresses – 111 night trial period policy





For the purposes of this policy, an “original purchaser” is an individual who buys a mattress directly from FLEEP for their own personal use rather than for commercial or industrial use or resale.


FLEEP allows the original purchaser to return the mattress free-of-charge before the end of the 112th day after the delivery date if they are not satisfied. The following conditions apply:

  • Only FLEEP mattresses can be returned for this reason. This policy does not apply to any other product sold by FLEEP.
  • The right to the trial period is not transferable. The original purchaser of the mattress is the only person who can take advantage of the FLEEP 111-night trial period.
  • The original purchaser must submit photos of the FLEEP mattress proving that the mattress is not burnt, cut, ripped, damaged by spilt liquids, or stained. The purpose of the free return policy is solely to satisfy consumers who do not like the way the mattress feels.
  • If the photos sent by the client show misuse or damage to the structure or material of the FLEEP mattress cover (or both), including, but not limited to, burns, cuts, rips, damage caused by spilt liquids, or stains, this return policy will automatically be cancelled.
  • A shipping bag will be sent by mail before the carrier comes to pick up the mattress.
  • The original purchaser may return a mattress only once in the 12-month period following the delivery date.
  • Reimbursement will be made only after FLEEP receives confirmation that the carrier has picked up the mattress at the original purchaser’s home.
  • The carrier cannot guarantee how long it will take to pick up the FLEEP mattress. The carrier will telephone to set a pickup time.