How can we be sure that a mattress purchased online will suit us?

It is this concern that, in 2014, animated the creators of Fleep and encouraged them to innovate to present the only double comfort reversible mattress sold online. A 100% Canadian mattress that offers the two most popular types of comfort that, when combined, appeal to more than 95% of the population.

Experts in sleep for several decades, our team is proud to offer an almost universal mattress, which allows you to benefit from a sleep adapted to your preferences. The soft side is a bit too soft? Use the firm side of your Fleep. Nothing could be simpler… and more reassuring when you buy a mattress without having tried it!

You’re going to love what Fleep has to offer: a simple purchasing process and the pleasure of waking up perfectly rested and refreshed every morning.

Good night; good Fleep!

– The Fleep Team