23 May

8 tips to get a mattress when you’re on a budget

Adulthood means having a little more responsibilities and a real job in your field of study. It also implies an apartment you’ll want to furnish to your liking. A mattress is probably the last item you want to invest in. It is expensive and will not enhance your Pinterest decor! Yet, it is really useful to your life and your well-being! So how can you get a mattress without spending too much? Impossible, you think? Let us prove you wrong in this article!


1.Celebrate your graduation: someone gets you a mattress

graduation groupe coucher de soleil












Your parents want to congratulate you on getting your diploma, or contribute to your first apartment? They could use this opportunity to offer you a mattress rather than a check or appliances! Here you are, proud owner of a diploma AND a mattress!

2.Investing in your sleep: Use your tax refund

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Tax season just ended. You just found a great way to reinvest your tax refund! Actually, why not turn part of your refund into a good night sleep? It is easier to take part of your tax refund than to take a certain amount off your pay, which is often already allocated in your budget. Once again, your mattress dreams become reality!

3.Celebrate moving into a new apartment/house: Ask for a mattress












Moving into your first apartment or your first house? Your loved ones wish to celebrate this memorable event? Ask them to get together and offer a group gift to highlight your transition into adulthood! And why not a mattress? After all, your loved ones must help you not miss your family home too much!

4.Saving every day: Change your habits

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Change your spending habits! Make your own lunch, buy a few less coffees weekly or daily, reduce fuel consumption or re-evaluate your internet package. Even the smallest savings will, at the end of the year, completely pay for your mattress!


5.Getting married: A mattress as a wedding gift

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Found your soulmate and looking to get married in a near future? Most of the time, your guests have no idea what to get as a gift. Instead of receiving items you already have, why not ask them to get together in getting you the gift of restful sleep? A mattress is definitely one of the best wedding gifts to receive, you just have to think about it!

6.Getting help: Pay half-and-half with your parents

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Vos parents vous donnent encore un coup de main dans la vie ? Vous pourriez leur demander de vous aider à payer la moitié des frais qu’occasionnera l’achat d’un matelas confortable, de qualité. S’ils ont l’habitude de vous donner un montant d’argent lorsque vous êtes plus serrés, ils seront heureux de voir qu’ils peuvent contribuer à votre confort.


7.Celebrate your birthday: A mattress as a birthday gift

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We mentioned gifts earlier, but not birthday gifts! Family and friends often get a variety of small things on your birthday. Why not ask everyone to give you money so that you can spend it on something very useful? A quality mattress for example! They’ll be happy to give you something other than a check or a gift card!

8.Win a mattress: Enter our contests

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Follow us on Facebook. We often have contests that could allow you to win a mattress or other FLEEP products! Keep an eye out for our promotions on our website; you could at least save a few bucks!

If all of these methods are unavailable to you, do not despair! Be creative! We are convinced that you’ll find a way to get yourself a FLEEP. It is a grown-up investment that should not be overlooked!