10 Sep

10 Benefits of the Best PILLOW

For many of us, choosing a foam pillow after choosing the mattress. Yet, one does not go without the other and the pillow must return to the list of our priorities. In order to find the perfect comfort for your head and neck, nothing beats having the best pillow! Find out why using this top 10 benefits of the FLEEP memory foam pillow:

1. It molds to your head, so does not create pressure points.

2. It provides excellent support and decreases muscle tension. Your neck and even jaw pain will decrease considerably.

3. No swelling chemical is used in its design.

4. It helps to evacuate the heat, so to have a cooler sleep.

5. It resists mites. Say goodbye to your allergy symptoms!

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6. Its lifespan is high, more than 5 years, compared to pillows designed with other materials.

7. It helps you to sleep peacefully, especially if you move a lot, since it resumes its shape no matter your position.

8. It has an excellent value for money.

9. It is odorless, and if a subtle odor emanates, it is a pleasant smell of lavender, since the foam is foamed with lavender water.

10. The Fleep pillow has two comforts, one soft and the other firm, both separated by high-density foam flakes that make your pillow more flexible and malleable.

Not yet convinced? Test the Fleep Pillow safely for 14 days now. After all, you spend much more time alone with your pillow than have your sweet half. Think about it!

A word about us

The FLEEP mattress is the only reversible foam mattress made in Quebec and available online. Reinventing and simplifying the process of buying your mattress and sleeping nights is our mission. And because we want to make sure you really get the night on the safe side, you can test the FLEEP mattress for a period of 111 nights without risk.

Two comforts, a pillow … zero reason to do insomnia! Good night!