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Average score
Ottawa, ON

Best bed so far

I have waited almost 2 years to write this review. We looked into the Fleep mattress and like that we could flip it over and not just rotate it and that we had an option of a softer side and a firmer side. We chose to get two twins and push them together to make a king so we could each decide what comfort level we wanted. Turns out we both liked the softer side, which isn’t super soft it is just less firm than the firm side. Recently we thought what the heck let’s flip it over and try the firm side and we both like that also. When I sleep in the centre of the bed I only feel the separation of the mattresses for a few seconds and then you don’t notice it. Both my husband and I can now get up without aching back. Both sides of this mattress works for us. I’ve recommended this mattress to a few people and as far as I know everyone is very happy with it.

Hamilton, Ontario

Very happy with my Fleeps!

We recently replaced our old sagging pocket coil king size bed with an adjustable base, topped with 2 Fleep Twin XL mattresses. I found the Fleep soft side very very comfortable, but after a few nights, the troublesome discs in my back started acting up a bit, so I flipped to the firm side. I’ve never slept better or woken up with so little aching. HB loves the soft side, so the 2x twin XL solution works perfectly for us. I’m not associated with Fleep in any way, nor do I have any vested interest in reviewing here—I’m just really happy with these mattresses.

Bedford Southeast, NS

Far exceeded my expectations

I chose Fleep because it is Canadian. I did a lot of research, and I have to say this bed is outstanding. I thought I liked a hard bed, but it turns out I like the soft side. This is what makes Fleep so great—it’s really easy to change the type of bed just by flipping it over! Fleep’s customer service is outstanding. I left a voicemail and they called me back the next business day. I would highly recommend Fleep and this great quality product to anyone.

Montreal, QC

Very pleased with Fleep after trying other options

We are very pleased with our Fleep mattress. After realizing latex is not for us (motion transfer issues and bounce), we tried a Casper mattress. The Casper felt good in the store, but there is no substitute for sleeping in a bed overnight for a few nights. The Casper turned out to be too soft for our tastes. We might have lived with it if it were not also noticeably smaller than a standard queen size. That meant there were 1-2 inch gaps between the edge of the mattress and the sides of our platform bed. With edges that were already soft, it meant the mattress felt like a full size instead of a queen.

I had some ordering issues with Fleep’s website, but they were quickly and correctly handled through their support services, which gets good marks, too.

The Fleep “fixed” all the problems for us. We tried both sides. The soft was similar to the Casper, but the firm felt just right for us. And the mattress is a true queen size, which fits our bed (and our lives!) much better.

Front view of Fleep memory foam pillow

A head start for comfort

The Fleep memory foam pillow adjusts perfectly to the way you sleep.

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